Wireless Industrial Alarm Adapter


 Model No.

Power Input 12VDC
Power Current Max. 1.3A
GSM Module LISA-C200, CDMA 1xRTT
Band Dual band 800/1900MHz
RX Sensitivity -108 dBm
Down/Up Link 154Kbps
Protocols Embedded UDP/TP,TCP/IP and HTTP
AT Commands Enhanced AT command set IS-707.3 3GPP 27.005,3GPP 27.007 and ITU-T V.25 3GPP 27.010 MUX protocol
Packet Data Mode: Class B, Multislot10 Coding Schemes : CS1-CS4 Packet Channel: PBCCH/PCCCH
SMS Functionality Text, PDU, MO/MT, Cell Broadcast
Approve version Verizon
MCU ST Cortex M0
Flash 64K byte
SDRAM 8K byte
Frequency 48MHz
RJ11 DTMF Tone input
Mini-USB RS232, Setting Parameter
 DTMF Signal
Input Signal Level Max : 1 dBm Min : -29 dBm
Twist Accept Limit(Positive) 10 dB
Twist Accept Limit(Negative) 10 dB
Dial Tone Tolerance 18 dB
Noise Tolerance -12 dB
Third Tone Tolerance -16 dB
Frequency Deviation Acceptance Max ±1.5%
Frequency Deviation Rejection Min ±3.5%
Power Up Time 30ms
Power LED Still On - Power on
Server Status LED Blinking:Try Host Connection ; Still On:Host Connected
Internet Status LED Off:Internet off ; Still On:Internet on
Signal Status LED Off:No Signal ; Blinking:Weak Signal ; Still On:Strong Signal
Battery Discharge LED Off:Batter Charging/No Battery ; Blinking:Battery Discharging
Battery Charging LED Off:Battery Discharging/Battery Fully/No Battery ; Still On:Connected
 Size 118(L) × 63.5(W)x 20 mm(H)
 Connector RJ11, Mini-USB, DC Jack
 Certification UL864; FCC Part 15B