Established in 1995, Allis Communications was established as a subsidiary of Allis Electric Co., LTD to design and manufacture GPS antennas for the emerging Global Positioning System market.  Allis Communications evolved into an antenna supplier with products ranging from Global Positioning System to Cellular Mobile System.

Over the years, we have also expanded our design experience to five fields of expertise.

  • Antennas

  • Engineer Design Service

  • IoT Solutions

  • System Integrator

  • Electrical Transmission and Distribution


To enable wireless connectivity throughout all aspect of life


  • Develop a deep and reliable partner with our customers through our responsiveness and attention to details

  • Design and produce high-quality products for our customers at an effective cost

  • Be accountable and always follow through what we promise to our customers

  • Be a contribution to our community by developing products which will make our society better and more productive


We will work with our customers to comply with all industry standards

ISO 9001:2015