Work at Alliscom

             l  Wage:

ü  Year-end bonus

ü  Allowance for Labor Day/ Boat Festival/Mid-autumn Festival

ü  Over-time pay

l  Work Hours:

8:00am – 17:00pm; 2 day-off per week

l  Annual Leave:

1/2 yearlength of service1years: 3 days
1 yearlength of service2 years: 7 days
2 yearlength of service3 years: 10 days
3 yearslength of service5 years: 14 days
5 years
length of service10 years:15 days
10 years
length of service: In addition to the 15 days, 1 more day will be added per year until reaching the maximum annual leave amount of 30 days.

l  Insurance:

ü  Labor

ü  National Health

ü  Retirement

ü  Annual Employee Health Check

l  Meal:

ü  Monthly allowance for meal

ü  Free coffee/tea

l  Transportation:

ü  Free parking for motorcycle

ü  sponsor for car parking & gas (Manager Level)

l  Entertainment:

Sponsor for annual travel

l  Sponsorships:

ü  Wedding

ü  Funeral

ü  Training

l  Others:

ü   Monthly birthday party

ü   Year-end party & Lucky draw

ü   Polo shirts