Re-radiation System

Model No. AMP20AMP28BIST2
RF Low Noise Amplifier N/A
Power Divider N/AN/AN/A
RF Step Power Attenuator N/AN/AN/A
Frequency 1150~1650 MHz1525~1625MHz0.5GHz~ 3GHz
Impedance 50Ω50Ω50Ω
Gain 26dB Min.25 dB Min. 28dB TypicalN/A
Noise Figure 0.8dB Typical1.2dB TypicalN/A
DC Voltage 7V to 20V5V to 12V4.5V~ 24V
DC Current 10 ± 2 mA @12V30mA Max.N/A
Out P1dB compression 7dBm1dBm TypicalN/A
Input Power 10dBm17dBmN/A
Power Consumption 0.14 W360 mWN/A
Fuse Maximum: 1.1 AMaximum: 1.1 AMaximum: 1.1 A
Max. load N/AN/A1.5A Max.
ESD DC Spark-Over voltage N/A140V(98~182)N/A
Isolation N/AN/AN/A
Insertion Loss N/AN/AN/A
Phase Unbalance N/AN/AN/A
Attenuation N/AN/AN/A
Weight 39.7 grams Max.39.4 grams Max.33.6grams Max.
Dimension 41.60X41.3X10.1mm41.60X41.3X10.1mm41.6X41.3X10.1mm
Connector type SMA ( Jack ) x 2SMA (Jack) x 2SMA Jack x 2; DC Jack*1
Housing material AluminumAluminumAluminum
Working Temperature -30°C < T < +80°C-30°C < T < +80°C-30°C < T < +80°C
Storage Temperature -40°C < T < +85°C-40°C < T < +85°C-40°C < T < +85°C